Court Hearing Schedule

The Tribal Court generally follows the below hearing schedule:

Mondays            Child Welfare & Probate Matters (including Guardianships, Name Changes & Probate of Estates)\


Tuesdays            Tribal Court Staff Meeting (3rd Wednesday morning of each month)

              As necessary (*)


Wednesdays      Healing to Wellness Court Team Staffing Meeting (2nd Wednesday morning of each month)

                              Civil Matters (including Domestic Relations, Child Support Enforcement and Civil Disputes)

                              Juvenile Delinquency Matters (2ndWednesday afternoon of each month)

                              Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court Status Hearings (2nd Wednesday afternoon of each month)


Thursdays           As necessary (*)


Fridays                 Healing to Wellness Court Program Status Hearings (2nd & 4th Friday morning of each month)

                              Criminal Matters and Civil Violations


(*) Matters such as Criminal Arraignments, Temporary Orders for Protection from Abuse, Protection from Harassment, Preliminary Child Protection Orders, etc. that are required to be heard within a set amount of time such as 48 hours or within 10 days, will be set in conformance with Penobscot Nation tribal law.